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ACT III SCENE VII Rome. A public place. 
 Enter two Senators and Tribunes. 
First Senator This is the tenor of the emperor's writ: 
 That since the common men are now in action 
 'Gainst the Pannonians and Dalmatians, 
 And that the legions now in Gallia are 5
 Full weak to undertake our wars against 
 The fall'n-off Britons, that we do incite 
 The gentry to this business. He creates 
 Lucius preconsul: and to you the tribunes, 
 For this immediate levy, he commends 10
 His absolute commission. Long live Caesar! 
First Tribune Is Lucius general of the forces? 
Second Senator Ay. 
First Tribune Remaining now in Gallia? 
First Senator With those legions 15
 Which I have spoke of, whereunto your levy 
 Must be supplyant: the words of your commission 
 Will tie you to the numbers and the time 
 Of their dispatch. 
First Tribune We will discharge our duty. 20

Cymbeline, Act 4, Scene 1


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