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King John

ACT V SCENE III The field of battle. 
 Alarums. Enter KING JOHN and HUBERT. 
KING JOHN How goes the day with us? O, tell me, Hubert. 
HUBERT Badly, I fear. How fares your majesty? 
KING JOHN This fever, that hath troubled me so long, 
 Lies heavy on me; O, my heart is sick! 5
 Enter a Messenger. 
Messenger My lord, your valiant kinsman, Faulconbridge, 
 Desires your majesty to leave the field 
 And send him word by me which way you go. 
KING JOHN Tell him, toward Swinstead, to the abbey there. 
Messenger Be of good comfort; for the great supply 10
 That was expected by the Dauphin here, 
 Are wreck'd three nights ago on Goodwin Sands. 
 This news was brought to Richard but even now: 
 The French fight coldly, and retire themselves. 
KING JOHN Ay me! this tyrant fever burns me up, 15
 And will not let me welcome this good news. 
 Set on toward Swinstead: to my litter straight; 
 Weakness possesseth me, and I am faint. 

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