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The Winter's Tale: Essay Topics

1) Examine issues of jealousy in the play.

2) The Winter's Tale is classified as a romance but some have said that this classification is misleading. Do you feel the play should be classified as a tragedy and, if so, why?

3) Analyze the character of Hermione. How does Shakespeare's portrayal of Hermione reflect the conceptions of women in Tudor England?

4) Compare the play with its primary source, Robert Greene's Pandosto. What changes did Shakespeare make and why?

5) Analyze the importance of Time in The Winter's Tale.

6) Perdita says "Methinks I play as I have seen them do". Examine the references to life as artifice in The Winter's Tale.

7) Discuss the role of mythology in the play.

8) Examine Leontes' stages of evolution and discuss forgiveness, remorse, and love as it pertains to each major character in the drama.


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