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King Richard II: Essay Topics

1) Examine the character of Richard II. In what ways does he contribute to his own downfall?

2) The historical Queen Isabella was but a child when Richard II was on the throne. Why does Shakespeare include her in the play as a grown woman? What does her presence add to the overall play?

3) Discuss the complex character of Henry Bolingbroke. Are his actions throughout the play justified?

4) Compare and contrast the characters of Richard and Bolingbroke. Do the two share similar qualities?

5) Examine Richard's final speeches as he awaits death. What do these speeches reveal about Richard the man and Richard the king?

6) In Act V, Scene III, Bolingbroke speaks of his son, Hal. Why is Hal mentioned in this scene?

7) Of what importance is John of Gaunt in the play?

8) Describe Richard's relationship with his wife, making reference to their final meeting.

9) Examine Bolingbroke's last speech. How does this speech reveal his thoughts on the death of Richard and his future as England's new monarch?


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