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Twelfth Night: Dramatis Personae

 Orsino, Duke of Illyria

  Sebastian, brother to Viola

  Antonio, a sea captain, friend to Sebastian

  A Sea Captain, friend to Viola

  Valentine, Curio, gentlemen attending on the Duke

  Sir Toby Belch, kinsman of Olivia

  Sir Andrew Aguecheek, suitor of Olivia

  Malvolio, steward to Olivia

  Fabian, an attendant to Olivia

  The Clown Feste, Olivia's fool

  Olivia a countess

  Viola, in love with the Duke; sister to Sebastian

  Maria, Olivia's gentlewoman

  Lords, a Priest, Sailors, Officers, Musicians, and other attendants

  Scene: Illyria and the coast nearby

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Quick Fact

"Arion (I. ii., 15), a celebrated lyric poet and musician of Lesbos. He visited Italy, and became very rich through the exercise of his profession. When returning to Lesbos, the sailors who manned the ship in which he was informed him that they intended to kill him and seize his riches. He was, however, first allowed to play a tune, and when he had finished this, he threw himself into the sea. Dolphins, attracted by his music, surrounded the ship, and one of them carried him to Taenarus." J. Lees. Read on...

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Did You Know? ... The action of Twelfth Night takes place over three days. In the First Folio the play is divided into acts and scenes, but no list of the dramatis personae is included. For that we have the dramatic poet Nicholas Rowe to thank. Rowe was instrumental in the evolution of Shakespearean scholarship.


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