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      Antiochus, King of Antioch
      Pericles, Prince of Tyre
      Helicanus, Escanes, two lords of Tyre
      Simonides, King of Pentapolis
      Cleon, Governor of Tarsus
      Lysimachus, Governor of Mitylene
      Cerimon, a lord of Ephesus
      Thaliard, a lord of Antioch
      Philemon, a sevant to Cerimon
      Leonine, a servant to Dionyza
      A Pandar
      Boult, his servant
      The Daughter of Antiochus
      Dionyza, wife to Cleon
      Thaisa, daughter to Simonides
      Marina, daughter to Pericles and Thaisa
      Lychorida, nurse to Marina
      a Bawd
      Lords, Ladies, Knights, Gentlemen, Sailors, Pirates, Fishermen, and Messengers
      Gower, as Chorus
      Scene: in various Mediterranean countries

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