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Henry V

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ACT IV SCENE V Another part of the field. 
Constable O diable! 
ORLEANS O seigneur! le jour est perdu, tout est perdu! 
DAUPHIN Mort de ma vie! all is confounded, all! 
 Reproach and everlasting shame 5
 Sits mocking in our plumes. O merchante fortune! 
 Do not run away. 
 A short alarum. 
Constable Why, all our ranks are broke. 
DAUPHIN O perdurable shame! let's stab ourselves. 
 Be these the wretches that we play'd at dice for? 10
ORLEANS Is this the king we sent to for his ransom? 
BOURBON Shame and eternal shame, nothing but shame! 
 Let us die in honour: once more back again; 
 And he that will not follow Bourbon now, 
 Let him go hence, and with his cap in hand, 15
 Like a base pander, hold the chamber-door 
 Whilst by a slave, no gentler than my dog, 
 His fairest daughter is contaminated. 
Constable Disorder, that hath spoil'd us, friend us now! 
 Let us on heaps go offer up our lives. 20
ORLEANS We are enow yet living in the field 
 To smother up the English in our throngs, 
 If any order might be thought upon. 
BOURBON The devil take order now! I'll to the throng: 
 Let life be short; else shame will be too long. 25

Henry V, Act 4, Scene 6


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