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microsoft imagesYou shout me forth
In acclamations hyperbolical;
As if I loved my little should be dieted
In praises sauced with lies.
Coriolanus (1.9), Caius Martius, later named Coriolanus

"The action of the play, no less than the character-drawing, is founded on this antithesis of principle and compromise, the state and the individual. The entanglement of the plot lies essentially in the opening situation, and not until the fifth act in the conduct of the hero. In the earlier part all the action serves to display the grandeur of the principal figure; it is not simply service, but magnificent achievement, at the price of infinite self-devotion, with Coriolanus rejecting all reward, and resisting the honours all are thrusting upon him, up to the point where further resistance would be exalting his personal feeling against the public voice. [I.ix.53-60]." [Richard G. Moulton, Shakespeare as a Dramatic Thinker]


Coriolanus in the News

Coriolanus movie poster Be sure to see the new version of Shakespeare's tragedy Coriolanus, starring Ralph Fiennes as Coriolanus, Gerard Butler as Tullus Aufidius and Vanessa Redgrave as Volumnia. Although film adaptations of Shakespeare's plays have been constant since Sir Herbert Beerbohm-Tree's production of King John (1899), Coriolanus itself has not been a popular choice. Three television adaptations of the play were produced, however, including the 1963 UK mini-series The Spread of the Eagle, starring Robert Hardy as Coriolanus.