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Shakespeare's Characters: M

Please note that uppercase type indicates the stressed syllable.

Mab - Romeo and Juliet

Macbeth - Macbeth

Macduff - Macbeth

Macmorris - Henry V

Maecenas - [mee-SEE-nus] Antony and Cleopatra

Malcolm - Macbeth

Malvolio - Twelfth Night

Mamillius - [mah-MIL-yus, sometimes mah-MIL-ee-us] The Winter's Tale

Man - Richard II

Man - Henry VIII

Man - Troilus and Cressida

Marcade - [MAR-kahd, sometimes MAR-kah-dee] Love's Labour's Lost

Marcellus - Hamlet

Marcus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus

Mardian - Antony and Cleopatra

Margarelon - Troilus and Cressida

Margaret of Anjou - 1/2/3 Henry VI/Richard III

Margaret - Much Ado About Nothing

Margery Jourdain - 2 Henry VI

Maria - Love's Labour's Lost

Maria - Twelfth Night

Mariana - All's Well that Ends Well

Mariana - Measure for Measure

Marina - Pericles

Mariner - The WInter's Tale

Mariner - The Tempest

Marshal - Richard II

Marshal - Pericles

Martext, Sir Oliver - As You Like It

Martius - [MAR-shus] Titus Andronicus

Martius - [MAR-shus] Coriolanus

Marullus - [mah-RUL-us] Julius Caesar

Master - 2 Henry VI

Master - The Tempest

Master-gunner - 1 Henry VI

Mate - 2 Henry VI

Mayor of Coventry - 3 Henry VI

Mayor of London - 1 Henry VI

Mayor of London - Richard III

Mayor of Albans - 2 Henry VI

Mayor of York - 3 Henry VI

Melun - [meh-LOON] King John

Menas - [MEE-nahs, sometimes MEE-nus] Antony and Cleopatra

Menecrates - [men-ECK-ruh-teez] Antony and Cleopatra

Menelaus - [men-eh-LAY-us] Troilus and Cressida

Menenius Agrippa - [meh-NEE-nih-us, sometimes meh-NEEN-yus] Coriolanus

Menteith or Menteth - [men-TEETH] Macbeth

Mercer - Timon of Athens

Merchant - The Comedy of Errors

Merchant - Timon of Athens

Mercutio - [mur-KEW-sheeo] Romeo and Juliet

Metellus Cimber - [meh-TEL-us SIM-bur] Julius Caesar

Michael - 2 Henry VI

Michael - 1 Henry IV

Miranda - The Tempest

Mistress Alice Ford - The Merry Wives of Windsor

Mistress Overdone - Measure for Measure

Mistress Margaret Page - Merry Wives of Windsor

Mistress Quickly - Merry Wives of Windsor

Montague - [MAWNT-uh-gyoo] Romeo and Juliet

Montague, Lady - Romeo and Juliet

Montague - 3 Henry VI

Montano - Othello

Montgomery - 3 Henry VI

Montjoy - Henry V

Mopsa - [MAWP-suh] The Winter's Tale

Morgan - Cymbeline

Morocco - The Merchant of Venice

Mortimer - 1 Henry VI

Mortimer, Edmund - 1 Henry IV

Mortimer, Sir Hugh - 3 Henry VI

Mortimer, Lady - 1 Henry IV

Mortimer, Sir John - 3 Henry VI

Morton - 2 Henry IV

Moth - Love's Labour's Lost

Moth - Midsummer Night's Dream

Mother - Cymbeline

Mouldy, Ralph - 2 Henry IV

Mowbray, Thomas - [MOH-bray] Richard II

Mowbray, Thomas - [MOH-bray] 2 Henry IV

Murellus/Marullus - [muh-RELL-us/mar-RULL-us] Julius Caesar

Musicians - The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Musicians - Romeo and Juliet

Musicians - 2 Henry IV

Musicians - Much Ado About Nothing

Musicians - Othello

Musicians - Midsummer Night's Dream

Musicians - Cymbeline

Mustardseed - Midsummer Night's Dream

Mutius - [MYOO-shus] Titus Andronicus

Myrmidons - [MUR-mih-duns] Troilus and Cressida

Shakespeare Online's spelled pronunciation guide is based primarily on How to Pronounce the Names in Shakespeare by Theodora Ursula Irvine (1919). Note that the number of syllables in a name occasionally changes depending on metre and alternate pronunciations might be used depending on location (UK, southern US, etc.) and editor preference.


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