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Shakespeare's Characters: F

Please note that uppercase type indicates the stressed syllable.

Fabian - [FAY-bee-un] Twelfth Night

Fairies - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Falconbridge, Lady - [FAWL-kun-brij] King John

Falconbridge, Lord - King John

Falconbridge, Robert - King John

Falconbridge, Philip - King John

Falstaff, Sir John - [FAWL-staff] 1/2 Henry IV/Merry Wives of Windsor

Fastolfe, Sir John - [FASS-tolf] 1 Henry VI

Father - 3 Henry VI

Feeble, Francis - 2 Henry IV

Fenton - [FEN-tun] Merry Wives of Windsor

Ferdinand - The Tempest

Ferdinand - Love's Labour's Lost

Feste - [FESS-tee] Twelfth Night

Fidele - [fih-DEE-lee] Cymbeline

Fiend - 1 Henry VI

Fitzwater, Lord Walter - Richard II

Flaminius - [fluh-MIN-ee-us] Timon of Athens

Flavius - [FLAY-vee-us] Julius Caesar

Flavius - [FLAY-vee-us] Timon of Athens

Fleance - [FLEE-anss] Macbeth

Florizel - [FLOOR-ih-zell] The Winter's Tale

Fluellen - [floo-WELL-in] Henry V

Flute - Midsummer Night's Dream

Fool - King Lear

Fool - Timon of Athens

Ford, Frank - Merry Wives of Windsor

Ford, Mistress Alice - Merry Wives of Windsor

Forester - Love's Labour's Lost

Fortinbras - [FOR-tin-brahs] Hamlet

France (King of) - King Lear

France (Princess of) - Love's Labour's Lost

France (Queen Isabella of) - Henry V

France (King Charles VI of) - Henry V

Francesca - Measure for Measure

Francis - 1/2 Henry IV

Francisco - Hamlet

Francisco - The Tempest

Frederick - As You Like It

French Soldier - Henry V

Frenchman - Cymbeline

Friar - Measure for Measure

Friar John - Romeo and Juliet

Friar Laurence - Romeo and Juliet

Friar Francis - Much Ado About Nothing

Friend - The Two Noble Kinsmen

Froth - Measure for Measure

Shakespeare Online's spelled pronunciation guide is based primarily on How to Pronounce the Names in Shakespeare by Theodora Ursula Irvine (1919). Note that the number of syllables in a name occasionally changes depending on metre and alternate pronunciations might be used depending on location (UK, southern US, etc.) and editor preference.


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