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King Henry VI, Part III

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ACT II SCENE IV Another part of the field. 
[Excursions. Enter RICHARD and CLIFFORD]
RICHARDNow, Clifford, I have singled thee alone:
Suppose this arm is for the Duke of York,
And this for Rutland; both bound to revenge,
Wert thou environ'd with a brazen wall.
CLIFFORDNow, Richard, I am with thee here alone:5
This is the hand that stabb'd thy father York;
And this the hand that slew thy brother Rutland;
And here's the heart that triumphs in their death
And cheers these hands that slew thy sire and brother
To execute the like upon thyself;10
And so, have at thee!
[They fight. WARWICK comes; CLIFFORD flies]
RICHARDNay Warwick, single out some other chase;
For I myself will hunt this wolf to death.

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