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Shakespeare Glossary: V

VACANCY:  empty space; unoccupied time.

VACANT:  devoid of.

VADE: to fade.

VAGABOND:  moving to and fro.

VAGROM:  vagrant.

VAIL (1): going down.

VAIL (2): to let fall, lower; to pay homage.

VAILFUL:  advantageous.

VAILING: lowering.

VAIN:  foolish; false; for nothing.

VAINNESS: vanity.

VALANCED: hidden in a beard.

VALIDITY: value; strength.

VANTAGE: advantage.

VANTBRACE: armour for the front of the arm.

VARLET: a servant, valet.

VASSAL:  base, wretched fellow.

VASSALAGE:  vassals (collective).

VAST: properly a waste-place, metaphorically, the dead.

VASTIDITY: immensity.

VASTLY: far and wide.

VASTY: vast, waste.

VAUNT: the van, that which precedes.

VAUNT-COURIERS: forerunners.

VAWARD: vanguard.

VEGETIVES: vegetables.

VEIN:  disposition, humor; lifestyle.

VELURE: velvet.

VELVET-GUARDS: wearers of velvet trimmings.

VENEW: a thrust in fencing.

VENEY: a thrust in fencing.

VENGE: to avenge.

VENTAGES: vent-holes in a flute.

VERBAL: wordy.

VERBATIM:  by word of mouth.

VERY: true, real; complete.

VEX:  to annoy, disturbe, agitate.

VIAL:  bottle or flask.

VICE (1): to screw.

VICE (2): sinful act.

VICEGERENT:  deputy.

VIE: to challenge; to compete.

VIEWLESS: invisible.

VILLAIN: a serf, servant; evil person.

VINEWED: mouldy.

VIOL-DE-GAMBOYS: a bass viol.

VIRGINALLING: playing as on the virginals (from harp family).

VIRTUE: bravery, merit; essence, essential part.

VIRTUOUS: excellent; essential.

VIZAMENT: advisement.

VOIDING-LOBBY:  waiting-room.

VOLABLE:  quick-witted.

VOLUBLE: fickle.

VOLUNTARY: volunteer.

VOTARIST: votary, one who has taken a vow.

VULGAR (1): common people; vulgar tongue.

VULGAR (2): of the common people.

VULGARLY: publicly.