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Shakespeare Glossary: T

TABLE: a tablet, note-book.

TABLE-BOOK: note-book.

TABLES: backgammon.

TABOUR: a small side-drum.

TABOURER: a player on the tabour.

TABOURINE: tambourine, drum.

TAG: the rabble.

TAINT: tainted.

TAINTURE: defilement.

TAKE IN: to conquer.

TAKE OUT: to copy.

TAKE UP: raise, levy.

TAKING: malignant influence; state of agitation.

TAKING UP: buying on credit.

TALE: counting, reckoning.

TALL: strong, valiant.

TALLOW-CATCH: a lump of tallow.

TANG: twang, sound.

TANG: to sound.

TANLING: anything tanned by the sun.

TARRE: to excite, urge on.


TARTAR: Tartarus.

TASK: to lay a tax upon; to occupy fully.

TASKING: challenging.

TASTE: to try.

TAWDRY-LACE: a rustic necklace.

TAXATION: satire, sarcasm.

TAXING: satire.

TEEN: grief.

TELL: to count.

TEMPER: to mix.

TEMPERANCE: temperature.

TEMPERED: mixed.

TEND: to attend to.

TENDER: to offer; regard, care.

TENT (1): bed hangings.

TENT (2): to lodge.

TENT (3): to probe.

TENT (4): roll of lint usd to clean a wound.

TERCEL: the male of the goshawk.

TERMAGANT: a ranting character in old plays.

TESTED: pure, assayed.

TESTERN: to reward with a tester, or six-pence.

THARBOROUGH: a constable.

THEORICK: theory.

THEWES: sinews, muscles.

THICK: rapidly.

THICK-PLEACHED: thickly intertwined.

THIRD-BOROUGH: a constable.

THOUGHT: anxiety, grief.

THRASONICAL: boastful.

THREE-MAN BEETLE: a wooden mallet worked by three men.

THREE-MAN-SONG-MEN: singers of songs in three parts.

THREE-PILE: three-piled velvet.

THRENE: funeral song.

THRID: thread, fibre.

THROE: to put in agonies.

THRUM: the tufted end of a thread in weaving.

THRUMMED: made od coarse ends or tufts.

TICKLE: ticklish.

TIGHT: nimble, active.

TIGHTLY: briskly, promptly.

TIKE: a cur.

TILLY-VALLY: int. an exclamation of contempt.

TILTH: tillage.

TIMELESS: untimely.

TINCT: stain, dye.

TIRE (1): head-dress.

TIRE (2): to feed upon like a bird of prey.

TIRED: dressed, clothed.

TANG: twang, sound.

TOD: to yield a tod of wool.

TOKENED: marked with plague spots.

TOKENS: plague spots.

TOLL: to exact toll; to strike.

TOPLESS: supreme, without superior.

TOUCH: stroke; trait or feature; dash, spice; touchstone for testing gold.

TOUCHED: pricked.

TOUSE: to pull, drag.

TOWARD: nearly ready.

TOWARDS: nearly ready.

TOYS: trifles, foolish tricks.

TRADE: beaten path.

TRANECT: a ferry.

TRANSLATED: transformed.

TRASH: to cheque, as a huntsman his hounds.

TRAVAIL: labour, toil.

TRAY-TRIP: an old game played with dice.

TREACHERS: traitors.

TREATIES: entreaties.

TRENCHED: carved.

TRICK: custom, habit; art, knack; characteristic expression; touch.

TRICK: to adorn, dress up.

TRICKED: blazoned.

TRICKING: ornament.

TRICKSY: elegantly quaint.

TRIPLE: third.

TROJAN: a cant word for a thief.

TROL-MY-DAMES: a game using balls and arches.

TROTH-PLIGHT: betrothed.

TROW: to trust, think.

TRUE: honest.

TRUNDLE-TAIL: a long-tailed dog.

TUCKET-SONANCE: a flourish on the trumpet.

TUNDISH: a funnel.

TURLYGOOD: a name adopted by bedlam-beggars.

TURN: to modulate.

TWANGLING: twanging.

TWIGGEN: made of twigs, wicker.

TWILLED: Retained by woven branches.

TWINK: a twinkling.

TWIRE: to peep, twinkle.