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Shakespeare Glossary: S

SA:  repeated, incites to sudden action.

SACRIFICIAL: reverent, as words used in religious worship.

SACRING-BELL: a bell rung at mass.

SAD: serious.

SADLY: seriously.

SADNESS: seriousness.

SAFE: to make safe.

SAG: to hang down.

SALT: lascivious.

SALT: taste.

SANDED: marked with yellow spots.

SANS: without.

SAUCY: lascivious.

SAW: a moral saying.

SAY: silken.

SAY: assay, taste, relish.

SCAFFOLDAGE: the gallery of a theatre.

SCALD: scurvy, scabby.

SCALE: to weigh in scales.

SCALL: a scab, a word of reproach.

SCAMBLE: to scramble.

SCAMEL: probably a misprint for sea-mel, sea-mew.

SCAN: to examine subtly.

SCANT (1): to cut short, to spare.

SCANT (2): to put, to reduce; to limit.

SCANTLING: a small portion.

SCAPE: to escape.

SCAPE: a sally.

SCATHE: injury.

SCATHE: to injure.

SCATHFUL: destructive.

SCONCE: the head.

SCOTCH: to bruise or cut slightly.

SCRIMER: a fencer.

SCROYLE: a scabby fellow.

SCULL: a shoal of fish.

SCURVY: scabby; metaph. mean.

SEAL: to set one's seal to a deed; hence, to confirm.

SEAM: fat.

SEAMY: showing the seam or sewing.

SEAR: scorched, withered.

SEAR: to stigmatise.

SEARCH: to seek; to probe; to penetrate.

SEATED: fixed, confirmed.

SECT: party, faction; rank, class of people.

SECURELY: inconsiderately.

SEEL: to close.

SEELING: closing, blinding.

SEEMING: seemly, becomingly.

SEEMING: outward manner and appearance.

SEEN: versed, instructed.

SELD: seldom.

SELF-BOUNTY: native goodness.


SENIORY: seniority.

SENNET: a flourish of trumpets.

SEPULCHRE: to bury.

SEQUESTRATION: separation.

SERE: dry.

SERJEANT: a bailiff.

SERPIGO: a cutaneous disease.

SERVICEABLE: active in service.

SERVILE:  subject to.

SETEBOS: the name of a fiend.

SETTER: one who decoys people who are to be robbed.

SEVERAL: land which is not common but appropriated.

SHAME: to be ashamed.

SHAME: modesty.

SHARDS: shreds, broken fragments of pottery.

SHARDS: the sheaths of the wings of insects; patch of dung; fragment of pottery.

SHARKED: snatched up, as a shark does his prey.

SHEEN: brilliancy.

SHEER: pure, clear.

SHENT: rebuked, blamed.

SHERIFF'S-POST: a post at the door of a sheriff.

SHIVE: slice.

SHOT: the reckoning at an ale-house.

SHOUGHS: shaggy dogs.

SHOULDERED: plunged.

SHOVEL-BOARD: game played with sliding metal pieces.

SHREWD: mischievous.

SHRIFT: confession.

SHRIVE: to confess.

SHRIVING-TIME: time for confession.

SHROUD: to enshroud oneself, cover oneself up.

SIDE-SLEEVES: loose hanging sleeves.

SIEGE: seat; rank; excrement.

SIGHT: an aperture in a helmet.

SIGHTLESS: invisible.

SIGN: to give an omen.

SILLY: simple, rustic.

SIMULAR: counterfeit, feigned.

SINGLE: feeble.

SIR: a title applied to a bachelor of arts at the.

SITH: since.

SITHENCE: since.

SIZES: allowances.

SKAINS-MATES: scapegraces.

SKILL: to be of importance.

SKILLESS: ignorant.

SKIMBLE-SKAMBLE: rambling, disjointed.

SKINKER: a drawer of liquor.

SKIRR: to scour.

SLACK: slacken.

SLAVE: to turn to slavish uses.

SLEAVE: floss-silk.

SLEDDED: sledged.

SLEIDED: untwisted, raw, applied to silk.

SLEIGHTS: artifices.

SLIPPER: slippery.

SLIPS: a kind of noose, or leash.

SLIVER: to slice.

SLIVER: a slice.

SLOPS: loose breeches.

SLUBBER: to slur over.

SMIRCHED: smeared, soiled.

SMOOTH: to flatter.

SMOOTHED: flattered, fawned upon.

SNEAP: taunt, sarcasm.

SNEAPED: pinched.

SNECK-UP: go hang! .

SNUFF: anger; to take offence.

SOFTLY: gently.

SOIL: spot, taint.

SOLICIT: solicitation.

SOLIDARE: a small coin.

SOLVE: solution.

SOMETIMES: formerly.

SOOTH: truth.

SOOTH: true.

SOREL: a buck of the third year.

SORRIEST: most sorrowful.

SORRY: sorrowful, dismal.

SORT: a company.

SORT: to choose.

SOT: fool.

SOUL-FEARING: soul-terrifying.

SOWL: to lug, drag.

SOWTER: name of a dog.

SPECIALLY: a special contract.

SPED: settled, done for.

SPEED: fortune.

SPERR: to bolt, fasten.

SPIAL: spy.

SPILL: to destroy.

SPILTH: spilling.

SPLEEN: the bodily organ; fiery temper; haste; impulse.

SPRAG: quick.

SPRING: shoot, bud.

SPRINGHALT: stringhalt, a disease of horses.

SPRITED: haunted.

SPURS: roots of trees.

SQUANDERED: scattered.

SQUARE: to quarrel.

SQUARE: the front part of a woman's dress, stomacher.

SQUARE: equitable.

SQUARER: quarreller.

SQUASH: an unripe peascod.

SQUIER: a square or rule.

SQUINY: to squint.

STAGGERS: a disease in cattle, attended by giddiness, hence, giddiness.

STAIN: to disfigure.

STALE: a decoy.

STALE: to make stale.

STAND UPON: to be incumbent on.

STANIEL: an inferior kind of hawk.

STARK: stiff.

STARKLY: stiffly.

STATE: a canopied chair.

STATION: attitude.

STATIST: a statesman.

STATUA: a statue.

STATUE: image, picture.

STATUTE: security, obligation.

STATUTE-CAPS: woollen caps worn by citizens.

STAY: a cheque.

STEAD: to profit.

STEELED: set or fixed.

STERNAGE: steerage, course.

STICKLER: an arbitrator in combats.

STIGMATIC: a deformed person.

STIGMATICAL: deformed.

STILL: constant.

STILL: constantly.

STILLY: softly.

STINT: to stop.

STITHY: a smith's forge.

STITHY: to forge.

STOCCADO: a stoccata, or thrust in fencing.

STOCK: a stocking.

STOMACH: courage, stubbornness; angry temper; inclination.

STONE-BOW: a cross-bow for throwing stones.

STOUP: a cup.

STOUT: strong, healthy.

STOVER: fodder.

STRACHY: A word of doubtful meaning.

STRAIGHT: immediately.

STRAIN: lineage.

STRAITED: straitened.

STRANGE: foreign.

STRANGENESS: coyness, reserve.

STRANGER: foreigner.

STRAPPADO: a kind of punishment.

STRICTURE: strictness.

STROSSERS: trowsers.

STUCK: a thrust of a sword.

STUCK IN: corruption of stoccata.

STUFF: baggage.

STUFFED: filled, stored.

STY: to lodge as in a sty.

SUBSCRIBE: to yield.

SUCCESS: issue, consequence.

SUCCESSIVE: succeeding.

SUCCESSIVELY: in succession.

SUDDEN: hasty, rash.

SUDDENLY: hastily.

SUFFERANCE: suffering.

SUGGEST: to tempt, entice.

SUGGESTION: temptation, enticement.

SUITED: dressed.

SULLEN: doleful, melancholy.

SUMPTER: a horse that carries provisions on a journey.

SUPPOSE: a trick, imposition.

SUPPOSED: counterfeit.

SURCEASE: to cease.

SURCEASE: cessation, end.

SURPRISE: to capture by surprise.

SUR-REINED: over-worked.

SUSPECT: suspicion.

SUSPIRE: to breathe.

SWABBER: a sweeper of the deck of a ship.

SWARTH (1): dark-complexioned.

SWARTH (2): heap.

SWASHER: swaggerer.

SWASHING: dashing, smashing.

SWATH: The same as 'swarth.' .

SWATHLING: swaddling.

SWAY: to move on.

SWEAR: to adjure.

SWEAR OVER: to out-swear.

SWIFT: ready, quick.