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Shakespeare Glossary: R

RABATO: a ruff.

RABBIT-SUCKER: a weasel.

RACE: breed; inherited nature.

RACK: wreck.

RACK: to enhance the price of anything.

RAG: a term of contempt applied to persons.

RAKE: to cover.

RAPT: transported with emotion.

RAPTURE: a fit.

RASCAL: a lean deer.

RASH: quick, violent.

RATE: opinion, judgment.

RATE: to assign, to value.

RATOLORUM: a ludicrous mistake for Rotulorum.

RAUGHT: past tense of reach.

RAVIN: ravenous.

RAVIN: to devour.

RAWLY: inadequately.

RAWNESS: unprovided state.

RAYED: arrayed, served.

RAZED: slashed.

REAR-MOUSE: the bat.

REBATE: to deprive of keenness.

REBECK: a three-stringed fiddle.

RECEIPT: money received.

RECEIVING: capacity.

RECHEAT: a point of the chase to call back the hounds.

RECORD: to sing.

RECORDER: a flute.

RECURE: to cure, recover.

RED-LATTICE: lattice painted red, usually outside an ale-house.

RED-PLAGUE: erysipelas.

REDUCE: to bring back.

REECHY: smoky, dirty.

REFELL: to refute.

REFER: to reserve to.

REGIMENT: government.

REGREET: a salutation.

REGREET: to salute.

REGUERDON: requital.

RELATIVE: applicable.

REMEMBER: to remind.

REMORSE: pity.

REMORSEFUL: full of pity, compassionate.

REMOTION: removal.

REMOVED: sequestered, remote.

RENDER: to describe you.

RENDER: account.

RENEGE: to renounce, to deny.

REPAIR: to renovate, comfort.

REPEAL: to reverse the sentence of exile.

REPROOF: confutation.

REPUGN: to resist.

REQUIEM: mass for the dead.

RESOLVE: to satisfy.

RESPECT: consideration.

RESPECTIVE: respectful, thoughtful.

RESPECTIVE: corresponding.

RESPECTIVELY: respectfully.

RETAILED: handed down.

RETIRE: retreat.

RETIRE: to draw back.

REVERB: to echo.

REVOLT: a rebel.

RIB: to enclose as within ribs.

RID: to destroy.

RIFT: to split.

RIFT: a split.

RIGGISH: wanton.

RIGOL: a circle.

RIPE: drunk.

RIVAGE: the shore.

RIVAL: a partner.

RIVALITY: equal rank.

RIVE: to fire.

ROAD: the high road, applied to a common woman.

ROISTING: roistering, violent.

ROMAGE: unusual stir.

RONVON: a term of contempt applied to a woman.

ROOD: the crucifix.

ROOK: a cheater.

ROPERY: roguery.

ROPE-TRICKS: tricks such as are played by a rope-dancer.

ROUND (1): circle; circular movement.

ROUND (2): to finish off; to hem.

ROUND (3): to whisper.

ROUNDEL: a dance or song.

ROUNDURE: an enclosure.

ROUSE: carousal.

ROYNISH: mangy.

RUBIOUS: ruddy.

RUDDOCK: the redbreast.

RUSH: to push.

RUSHLING: rustling.