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Shakespeare Glossary: Q

QUAIL: to faint, be languid, be afraid.

QUAINT: curiously beautiful.

QUAKE: to cause to quake or tremble.

QUALIFY: to moderate.

QUALITY: those of the same nature.

QUARREL: a suit, cause.

QUARRY: game, a heap of game.

QUART D'ECU: a quarter crown.

QUARTER: the post allotted to a soldier.

QUAT: a pimple; used in contempt of a person.

QUEASY: squeamish, unsettled.

QUELL: murder.

QUENCH: to grow cool.

QUERN: a hand-mill.

QUEST: enquiry, search, inquest, jury.

QUESTRIST: one who goes in search of another.

QUICK: living, alive; running; hasty.

QUICKEN: to come to life.

QUIDDIT:  a subtle question.

QUILLET: quidebet, a subtle case in law.

QUINTAIN: a post for tilting at.

QUIP: sharp jest, a taunt.

QUIRE: to sing in concert.

QUIT: to requite, respond.

QUIT: past tense of the verb to quit, quitted.

QUITANCE: requital.

QUIVER: active.

QUOTE: to note.