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Shakespeare Glossary: P

PACK: to conspire; a gang.

PACK: to depart; load.

PADDOCK: a toad.

PAID: punished.

PALE: to enclose.

PALL: to cover as with a pall.

PALLED: impaired.

PALLIAMENT: white gown of a Roman official.

PALMER: one who bears a palm-branch.

PALMY: victorious.

PARCELLED: belonging to individuals.

PARD: the leopard.

PARITOR: an apparitor.

PARLE: talk.

PARLOUS: perilous.

PARTED: endowed, gifted.

PARTIZAN: a pike.

PASH: the face.

PASH: to strike violently, to bruise, crush.

PASS: to practice.

PASSANT: a term of heraldry, applied to animals.

: represented on the shield as passing by at a trot.

PASSING: surpassingly, exceedingly.

PASSION: to have feelings.

PASSIONATE: to suffer.

PASSY-MEASURE: a kind of dance.

PASTRY: the room where pastry was made.

PATCH: a mean fellow.

PATCHED: dressed in motley.

PATCHERY: trickery.

PATH: to walk.

PATHETICAL: affected, hypocritical.

PATIENT: to make patient, to compose.

PATINE: the metal disc on which the bread is placed.

PATTERN: to give an example of.

PAUCA VERBA: few words.

PAUCAS: few, a cant word.

PAVIN: a dance.

PAX: a small image of Christ.

PAY: to despatch.

PEAT: a term of endearment for a child.

PEDASCULE: a pedant, schoolmaster.

PEER: to peep out.

PEIZE: to balance, weigh down.

PELTING: paltry.

PERDU: lost.

PERDURABLE: durable.

PERDY: a euphemism for Par Dieu.

PERFECT: certain.

PERFECT: to inform perfectly.

PERIAPTS: charms worn round the neck.

PERJURE: a perjured person.

PERSEVER: to persevere.

PERSPECTIVE: a telescope, or some sort of optical glass.

PEW-FELLOW: a comrade.

PHEEZE: to comb, fleece, curry.

PIA-MATER: the membrane covering the brain, the brain.

PICK: to pitch, throw.

PICKED: chosen, selected.

PICKERS: (and stealers), the fingers, used ridiculously.

PICKING: insignificant.

PICKT-HATCH: a place noted for brothels. Merry Wives.

PIED: motley-coated.

PIELED: shaven.

PLIGHT: pitched.

PILCHER: a scabbard.

PILL: to pillage.

PIN: a malady of the eye.

PINFOLD: a pound, a place to confine lost cattle.

PIONED: digged.

PLACKET: a petticoat-front.

PLAIN SONG: a simple air.

PLAITED: intricate.

PLANCHED: made of boards.

PLANTATION: colonizing, planting a colony.

PLAUSIVE: plausible.

PLEACHED: interwoven.

POINT: a lace furnished with a tag by which the.

: breeches were held up.

POINT-DE-VICE: faultless.

POISE: balance.

POLLED: bare.

POMANDER: a perfumed ball.

POMEWATER: a kind of apple.

POOR-JOHN: a herring.

POPINJAY: a parrot.

PORT: pomp, state.

PORT: a gate.

PORTABLE: bearable.

PORTANCE: conduct, behavior.

POSSESS: to inform.

POTCH: to push violently.

POTENT: a potentate.

POUNCET-BOX: a box for holding perfumes.

POWER: forces, army.

PRACTISE: wicked stratagem.

PRACTISANT: a confederate.

PRANK: to dress up.

PRECEPT: a justice's summons.

PRECIOUSLY: in business of great importance.

PREGNANCY: fertility of invention.

PREGNANT: fertile of invention.

PRENOMINATE: to name beforehand, to prophesy.

PRE-ORDINANCE: old-established law.

PRESENCE: the presence-chamber.

PREST: ready.

PRETENCE: design.

PRETEND: to portend.

PREVENT: to anticipate.

PRICK: the mark denoting the hour on a dial.

PRICK: to incite.

PRICK-SONG: music sung in parts by note.

PRICKET: a stag of two years.

PRIDE: heat.

PRIG: to steal.

PRIME: rank, lecherous.

PRIMER: more-important.

PRIMERO: a game at cards.

PRINCIPALITY: that which holds the highest place.

PRINCOX: a coxcomb.

PRISER: a prize-fighter.

PROCURE: to bring.

PREFACE: interj. much good may it do you.

PROFANE: outspoken.

PROGRESS: a royal ceremonial journey.

PROJECT: to shape or contrive.

PROMPTURE: suggestion.

PRONE: ready, willing.

PROOF: strength of manhood.

PROPAGATE: to advance, to forward.

PROPAGATION: obtaining.

PROPER-FALSE: natural falsehood.

PROPERTIED: endowed with the properties of.

PROPERTIES: scenes, dresses, &c. used in a theatre.

PROPERTY: to take possession of.

PROPOSE: to suppose, for the sake of argument.

PROPOSE: conversation.

PROROGUE: to defer.

PROVAND: provender.

PROVISION: forecast.

PUCELLE: a virgin, the name given to Joan of Arc.

PUDENCY: modesty.

PUGGING: thieving.

PUN: to pound.

PURCHASE: to acquire, win.

PURCHASE: gain, winnings.

PUT: to compel.

PUTTER-ON: an instigator.

PUTTER-OUT: one who lends money at interest.

PUTTING-ON: instigation.

PUTTOCK: a kite.