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Shakespeare Glossary: O

O: a circle.

OAR: to row as with oars.

OBSEQUIOUS: behaving as becomes one who attends funeral.

OBSEQUIOUSLY: funereally.

OBSTACLE: ridiculously used for 'obstinate.'.

OCCUPATION: persons occupied in business.

OCCURENT: an incident.

OD'S BODY: God's body.

OEILLIAD: an amorous glance.

O'ERPARTED: having too important a part to act.

O'ER-RAUGHT: overreached.

OFFERING: challenging.

OFFICE: benefit, kindness.

OLD: a cant term for great.

ONCE: some time.

ONEYER: a banker. A doubtful word.

OPE: open.

OPE: to open.

OPEN: plain.

OPEN: to give tongue as a hound.

OPERANT: active.

OPINIONED: used ridiculously for pinioned.

OPPOSITE: adversary.


OR: before.

ORDER: measures.

ORDINANCE: rank, order.

ORGULOUS: proud.

ORT: leaving, refuse.

OSTENT: show, appearance.

OSTENTATION: show, appearance.

OUNCE: a beast of prey of the tiger kind.

OUPHE: a fairy.

OUSEL-COCK: the blackbird.

OUT: all out, fully.

OUT-LOOK: to face down.

OUTWARD: not in the secret of affairs.

OUTWARD: outside.

OWE: to own.