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Shakespeare Glossary: N

NAPKIN: a handkerchief.

NATURAL: an idiot.

NAYWARD: towards denial.

NAYWORD: a catch-word, by-word.

NEB: the beak.

NEELD: a needle.

NEIF: hand.

NEPHEW: a grandson.

NETHER-STOCKS: stockings.

NEXT: nearest.

NICE: foolish.

NICK: score or reckoning.

NICK: to brand with folly.

NIGHTED: black as night.

NIGHT-RULE: nightly solemnity.

NINE MEN'S MORRIS: a place set apart for a Moorish dance.

NINNY: a fool, jester.

NOBILITY: nobleness.

NOBLE: a coin, worth 6s. 8d.

NODDY: a dolt.

NONCE: for the nonce, corrupted from 'for then once,'.

NOOK-SHOTTEN: indented with bays and creeks.

NOURISH: a nurse.

NOVUM: a game at dice.

NOWL: head.

NUTHOOK: a hook for pulling down nuts, hence a thief.