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Shakespeare Glossary: L

LABRAS: lips.

LACED-MUTTON: a courtesan.

LAG: the lowest of the people.

LAG: late, behindhand.

LAKIN: ladykin, little lady, an endearing term applied.

LAND-DAMN: perhaps to extirpate.

LAPSED: taken, apprehended.

LARGE: licentious, free.

LARGESS: a present.

LASS-LORN: deserted by a mistress.

LATCH: to smear.

LATED: belated.

LATTEN: made of brass.

LAUND: lawn.

LAVOLTA: a dance.

LAY: wager.

LEAGUE: besieging army.

LEASING: lying.

LEATHER-COATS: a kind of apple.

LEECH: a physician.

LEER: countenance, complexion.

LEET: a manor court.

LEGE: to allege.

LEGERITY: lightness.

LEIGER: an ambassador resident abroad.

LEMAN: a lover or mistress.

LENTEN: meagre.

L'ENVOY: the moral at the end of a tale.

LET: to hinder.

: to binder.

LET: hindrance.

LETHE: death.

LEVEL: to aim.

LEVEL: that which is aimed at.

LEWD: ignorant, foolish.

LEWDLY: wickedly.

LEWDSTER: a lewd person.

LIBBARD: a leopard.

LIBERAL: licentious.

LIBERTY: libertinism.

LICENCE: licentiousness.

LIEF: dear.

LIFTER: a thief.

LIGHT O' LOVE: a tune so called.

LIGHTLY: easily, generally.

LIKE: to please.

LIKE: to liken, compare.

LIKE: likely.

LIKELIHOOD: promise, appearance.

LIKING: condition.

LIMBECK: an alembick, a still.

LIMBO: or Limbo patrum, the place where good men under.

LIME: bird-lime.

LIME: to entangle as with bird-lime.

LIMN: to draw.

LINE: to cover on the inside.

LINSTOCK: a staff with a match at the end.

LIST: a margin, hence a bound or enclosure.

LITHER: lazy.

LITTLE: miniature.

LIVELIHOOD: appearance of life.

LIVERY: a law phrase, signifying the act of delivering.

LIVING: lively, convincing.

LOACH: a fish so called.

LOB: a looby.

LOCKRAM: a sort of coarse linen.

LODE-STAR: the leading-star, pole-star.

LOFFE: to laugh.

LOGGATS: the game called nine-pins.

LONGLY: longingly.

LOOF: to lull, bring a vessel up to the wind.

LOON: a low contemptible fellow.

LOT: a prize in a lottery.

LOTTERY: that which falls to a man by lot.

LOWT: a clown.

LOWT: to treat one as a lowt, with contempt.

LOZEL: a spendthrift.

LUBBER: a leopard.

LUCE: n. the pike or jack, a fresh-water fish.

LUMPISH: duff, dejected.

LUNES: fits of lunacy.

LURCH: to defeat, to win.

LURCH: to shift, to play tricks.

LURE: something stuffed to resemble a bird.

LUSH: juicy, luxuriant.

LUSTIG: lusty, cheerful.

LUXURIOUS: lascivious.

LUXURY: lust.

LYM: a slow hound.