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Shakespeare Glossary: K

KAM: crooked.

KECKSY: hemlock.

KEECH: a lump of fat.

KEEL (1): to skin.

KEEL (2):  cool.

KEEP: to restrain.

KEISAR:  Emperor.

KENNEL: to restrain.

KERN: the rude foot soldiers of the Irish.

KIBE: a chilblain.

KICKSHAW: a made dish.

KICKSY WICKSY: a wife, used in disdain.

KILN-HOLE: the ash-hole under a kiln.

KIND: nature.

KINDLE: to bring forth young; used only of beasts.

KINDLESS: unnatural.

KINDLY: natural.

KIRTLE: a gown.

KNAP: to snap, crack.

KNAVE: a boy; serving-man.

KNOT: a figure in garden beds.

KNOW: to acknowledge.