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Shakespeare Glossary: J

JACK: a mean fellow.

JACK-A-LENT: a puppet thrown for fun at Lent.

JACK-AN-APES:  Jack o' lantern.

JACK GUARDANT: a jack in office.

JADE: to whip, to treat with contempt.

JANUS: two-headed.

JAPE: rude joke.

JAR (1): the ticking of a clock.

JAR (2): to tick as a clock.

JAUNCE: to prance.

JERKIN: sheriff's coat.

JESS: a strap of leather.

JEST: to tilt in a tournament.

JET: to strut.

JOHN-A-DREAMS: a daydreamer.

JOURNAL: daily.

JOVIAL: appertaining to Jove.

JUDICIOUS: critical.

JUMP: to agree.

JUMP: hazard.

JUMP: exactly, nicely.

JUSTICER: a judge, magistrate.

JUT: to encroach.

JUTTY: a projection.

JUTTY: to jut out beyond.

JUVENAL: youth, young man.