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Shakespeare Glossary: I

ICE-BROOK: an icy-cold brook.

I'FECKS: int. in faith, a euphemism.

IGNOMY: ignominy.

IMAGE: representation.

IMBARE: to bare, lay open.

IMMEDIACY: close connexion.

IMMOMENT: unimportant.

IMP: to graft. to splice a falcon's broken feathers.

IMP: a scion, a child.

IMPAWN: to stake, compromise.

IMPEACH: to bring into question.

IMPEACH: impeachment.

IMPEACHMENT: cause of censure, hindrance.

IMPERCEIVERANT: duff of perception.

IMPETICOS: to pocket.

IMPORTANCE: importunity.

IMPORTANT: importunate.

IMPORTING: significant.

IMPOSE: imposition, meaning command or task imposed.


IMPRESE: a device with a motto.

IMPRESS: to compel to serve.

INCAPABLE: unconscious.

INCARNARDINE: to dye red.

INCENSED: incited, egged on.

INCH-MEAL: by inch-meal, by portions of inches.

INCLINING: compliant.

INCLINING: inclination.

INCLIP: to embrace.

INCLUDE: conclude.

INCONY: fine, delicate.

INCORRECT: ill-regulated.

IND: India.

INDENT: to compound or bargain.

INDEX: a preface.

INDIFFERENT: ordinary.

INDIGEST: disordered.

INDITE: to invite.

INDUCTION: introduction, beginning.


INFINITE: infinite power.

INGRAFT: to engraff, engrafted.

INHABITABLE: uninhabitable.

INHERIT: to possess.

INHOOPED: penned up in hoops.

INKLE: a kind of narrow fillet or tape.

INLAND: civilized, well-educated.

INLY: inward.

INLY: inwardly.


INSANE: that which causes insanity.

INSCONCE: to arm, fortify.

INSTANCE: example.

INTEND: to pretend.

INTENDING: regarding.

INTENDMENT: intention.

INTENTIVELY: attentively.


INTERMISSION: pause, delay.

INTRENCHMENT: not capable of being cut.

INTRINSE: intricate.

INTRINSICATE: intricate.

INVENTION: imagination.

INWARD: an intimate friend.

INWARDNESS: intimacy.

IRREGULOUS: lawless, licentious.

ITERATION: reiteration.