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Shakespeare Glossary: H

HA': shortened form of "have."

HABITUDE: condition of the body.

HACK: to become cheap or vulgar (really of uncertain meaning, used in Wiv. 2.1.52).

HAGGARD (1): a wild hawk.

HAGGARD (2): unprincipled; wild (adv.).

HAG-SEED: seed or offspring of a hag.

HAI, HAY: a thrust in fencing. Rom 2.4.27.

HAIR: course, order, grain.

HALBERD: battle-axe fastened to a long pole.

HALCYON: a bird. The Elizabethans believed that the halcyon had the power to calm the sea - hence the term "halcyon days".

HALF-CAPS: a hat tipped slightly as a greeting.

HALF-CHEEK: side-face.

HALF-FACE: thin face.

HALF-KIRTLE: jacket; petticoat.

HALF-PART: half.

HALFPENCE: little pieces.

HALF-SUPP'D: half-satisfied.

HALF-SWORD: within half the length of a sword.

HALF-WORLD: hemisphere.

HALIDOM: holiness, salvation, Christian fellowship.

HALL: an open space to dance in.

HALLOWMAS: All Hallows' Day.

HAP: chance, fortune.

HAPPILY: accidentally.

HANDSAW: perhaps a corruption of Heronshaw; a hern.

HARDIMENT: defiance, brave deeds.

HARLOCK: charlock, wild mustard.

HARRY: to annoy, harass.

HAUGHT: haughty.

HAUNT: company.

HAVING: property, fortune.

HAVIOUR: behavior.

HAY: a term in fencing.

HEADBOROUGH: a parish officer (an officer for the church) having the same functions as a petty police constable.

HEADY: violent, headlong.

HEAT: of 'to heat,' heated.

HEBENON: henbane.

HEFT: a heaving.

HEFT: furnished with a handle.

HELM: to steer, manage.

HENCE: henceforward.

HENCHMAN: a page or attendant.

HENT: to seize, take.

HERMIT: a beadsman, one bound to pray for another.

HEST: command.

HIGH: used in composition with adjectives to heighten.

HIGHT: called.

HILD: held.

HILDING: a paltry fellow.

HINT: suggestion.

HIREN: a prostitute. with a pun on the word 'iron.'.

HIT: to agree.

HOISE: to hoist, heave up on high.

HOIST: hoisted.

HOLP: to help; helped.

HOME: to the utmost.

HONEST: chaste.

HONESTY: chastity.

HONEY-STALKS: the red clover.

HOODMAN-BLIND: the game now called blindman's-buff.

HORN-MAD: probably, 'harn-mad,' that is, brain-mad.

HOROLOGE: a clock.

HOT-HOUSE: a brothel.

HOX: to hamstring.


HULL: to drift on the sea like a wrecked ship.

HUMOROUS: fitful, or, perhaps, hurried.

HUNT-COUNTER: to follow the scent the wrong way.

HUNTS-UP: the name of a song used in hunting.

HURLY: noise, confusion.

HURTLE: to clash.

HURTLING: noise, confusion.

HUSBANDRY: frugality.

HUSWIFE: woman who manages a household.