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Shakespeare Glossary: G

GABERDINE: a loose outer coat, or smock frock.

GAD: a sharp spike.

GAIN-GIVING: misgiving.

GAIT: going, steps.

GALLIARD: a kind of dance.

GALLIASSE: a kind of ship.

GALLIMAUFRY: a ridiculous medley.

GALLOW: to scare.

GALLOWGLASS: soldiers formerly maintained by Irish chiefs.

GAMESTER: a frolicsome person.

GARBOIL: disorder, uproar.

GARISH: gaudy, staring.

GARNER: to lay by, as corn in a barn.

GAST: frightened.

GAUDY: festive.

GAZE: an object of wonder.

GEAR: matter of business of any kind.

GECK: a fool.

GENERAL: the generality, common people.

GENERATIONS: children.

GENEROSITY: noble birth.

GENEROUS: noble.

GENTILITY: good manners.

GENTLE: gentlefolk.

GENTLE: noble.

GENTLE: to ennoble.

GENTRY: complaisance, conduct becoming gentlefolk.

GERMAN: akin.

GERMEN: seed, embryo.

GEST: period.

GIB: a he-cat.

GIFTS: talents, endowment.

GIGLOT: a wanton girl.

GILDER: a coin.

GILT: money.

GIMMAL: double.

GIMMOR: contrivance.

GING: gang.

GIRD: to gibe.

GIRD: a sarcasm or gibe.

GLEEK: to scoff.

GLEEK: a scoff.

GLOSE: to comment; hence, to be garrulous.

GLUT: to swallow.

GNARL: to snarl.

GOOD-DEED: indeed.

GOOD-DEN: good-evening, contracted from 'Good-even.'.

GORBELLIED: corpulent.

GOURD: a species of game of chance.

GOUT: a drop.

GOVERNMENT: discretion.

GRACIOUS: abounding in grace Divine.

GRAINED: engrained.

GRAMERCY: int. grand mercy, much thanks.

GRANGE: the farmstead attached to a monastery.

GRATILLITY: used ridiculously for 'gratuity.'.

GRATULATE: to congratulate.

GRAVE: to bury.

GREASILY: grossly.

GREEK: a bawd.

GREEN: immature, fresh, unused.

GREENLY: foolishly.

GREET: to weep.

GRIZE: a step.

GROSSLY: palpably.

GROUNDLING: one who sits in the pit of a theatre.

GROWING: accruing.

GUARD: decoration.

GUARD: to decorate.

GUARDAGE: guardianship.

GUINEA-HEN: the pintado, a cant term.

GULES: red, a term in heraldry.

GULF: the throat.

GUN-STONE: a cannon ball.

GUST: taste, relish.

GYVE: to fetter.