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Shakespeare Glossary: F


FACT: guilt.

FACTIOUS: instant, importunate.

FACULTY: essential virtue or power.

FADGE: to suit.

FADING: a kind of ending to a song.

FAIN: glad.

FAIN: gladly.

FAIR: beauty.

FAITOR: a traitor.

FAll: to let fall.

FALLOW: fawn-coloured.

FALSE: falsehood.

FALSING: deceptive.

FAMILIAR: a familiar spirit.


FANCY-FREE: untouched by love.

FANG: to seize in the teeth.

FANTASTIC: a fantastical person.

FAP: drunk.

FAR: farther.

FARCED: stuffed.

FARDEL: a burden.

FARTUOUS: used ridiculously for ' virtuous.'.

FAST: assuredly, unalterably.

FAT: dull.

FAVOUR: countenance.

FEAR: the object of fear.

FEAR: to affright.

FEARFUL: subject to fear, timorous.

FEAT: dexterous.

FEAT: to make fine.

FEATER: comp. degree. more neatly.

FEATLY: nimbly, daintily.

FEATURE: beauty.

FEDERARY: confederate.

FEEDER: agent, servant.

FEERE: a companion, husband.

FEHEMENTLY: used ridiculously for 'vehemently.'.

FELL: the hide.

FENCE: art or skill in defence.

FEODARY: confederate, accomplice.

FESTER: to rankle, grow virulent.


FET: fetched.

FICO: a fig.

FIELDED: in the field of battle.

FIG: to insult.

FIGHTS: screen hung around a ship to conceal the men in battle.

FILE: a list or catalogue.

FILE: to defile.

FILL-HORSE: shaft-horse.

FILLS: the shafts.

FILTH: a whore.

FINE: end.

FINE: to make fine or specious.

FINELESS: endless.

FIRAGO: ridiculously used for 'Virago.' .

FIRE-DRAKE: Will o' the Wisp.

FIRE-NEW: with the glitter of novelty on, like newly-.

FIRK: to chastise.

FIT: a canto or division of a song.

FITCHEW: a polecat.

FIVES: a disease incident to horses.

FLAP-DRAGON: raisins in burning brandy.

FLAP-JACK: a pan-cake.

FLAT: certain.

FLATNESS: lowness, depth.

FLAW: a gust of wind.

FLAW: to make a flaw in, to break.

FLECKED: spotted, streaked.

FLEET: to float.

FLEETING: inconstant.

FLESHMENT: excitement resulting from a first success.

FLEWED: furnished with hanging lips, as hounds are.

FLIGHT: a particular mode of practising archery.

FLIRT-GILL: a light woman.

FLOTE: wave, sea.

FLOURISH: an ornament.

FLOURISH: to ornament, disguise with ornament.

FLUSH: fresh, full of vigour.

FOIL: defeat, disadvantage.

FOIN: to fence, fight.

FOISON: plenty.

FOND: foolish, foolishly affectionate.

FOOT-CLOTH: a saddle-cloth hanging down to the ground.

FOR: for that, because.

FORBID: accursed, outlawed.

FORBODE: forbidden.

FORCE: to stuff, for 'farce.' .

FORCED: falsely attributed.

FORDO: to kill, destroy.

FOREIGN: obliged to live abroad.

FOREPAST: former.

FORESLOW: to delay.

FORFEND: to forbid.

FORGETIVE: inventive.

FORKED: horned.

FORMAL: regular, retaining its proper and essential.

FORSPEAK: to speak against.

FORSPENT: exhausted, weary.

FORTHRIGHT: a straight path; forthright.

FORWEARY: to weary, exhaust.

FOSSET-SELLER: one who sells the pipes inserted into a vessel.

FOX: a sword; a cant word.

FOX-SHIP: the cunning of the fox.

FRAMPOLD: peevish, unquiet.

FRANK: the feeding place of swine.

FRANKED: confined.

FRANKLIN: a freeholder, a small squire.

FRAUGHT: freighted.

FRAUGHTAGE: freight.

FRAUGHTING: to fraught; foarming the cargo.

FRESH: a spring of fresh water.

FRET: the stop of a guitar.

FRET: to wear away.

FRIEND: to befriend.

FRIPPERY: an old-clothes shop.

FROM: prep. contrary to.

FRONT: to affront, oppose.

FRONTIER: opposition.

FRONTLET: that which is worn on the forehead.

FRUSH: to break or bruise.

FRUSTRATE: frustrated.

FUB OFF: to put off.

FULFILL: to fill full.

FULL: complete.

FULLAM: a loaded die.

FULSOME: lustful.

FURNISHED: equipped.

FURNITOR: furnitory, an herb.