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Shakespeare Glossary: E

EAGER: pungent; sour; ardent.

EAGLE:  an ensign of the Roman army; an emblem of Jupiter.

EAGLE-SIGHTED:  having sight strong enough to stare into the sun without going blind.

EAN:  to yean; to bring forth young.

EANLING: a young lamb.

EAR: to plough.

EAR-KISSING:  private; whispered.

EASEFUL:  restful.

EASILY:  without difficulty; smoothly, freely.

EAVES:  the clipt edge of a thatched roof.

EBB: to decline, decay.

EBON: black, ebony

EBREW: common spelling of Hebrew in the Renaissance.

ECHE: to eke out.

ECHO: mountain nymph (from Greek mythology).

ECSTASY:  state of frenzy; extreme delight; madness.

E'ER: contraction of 'ever'.

EFFECT (1):  end result; drift, tenor; expression; intimation.

EFFECT (2):  (vb.) to produce; to give effect.

EFFUSE: pouring out.

EFT: ready, convenient.

EFTSOONS: shortly, soon.

EGAL:  equal.

EGLANTINE: sweet-briar.

EGMA: used mistakenly for 'enigma' in LLL 3.1.75.

EGREGIOUS: very great.

EISEL: vinegar.

EKE (1): to increase; to add; to supplement.

EKE (2): (avb.) also.

ELD: old age.

ELF: to mat the hair together.

EMBALLING: the ceremony of carrying the ball at a coronation (invented by Shk.).

EMBASSADOR: ambassador.

EMBASSAGE: errand.

EMBATTLE: to engage in combat.

EMBOSSED: swollen; foaming at the mouth.

EMBOWELLED: disembowelled, emptied.

EMBRASURE: embrace.

EMBRUE: old spelling of 'imbrue'.

EMINENCE: exalted station.

EMPERY: empire.

EMULATION: jealousy, mutiny.

EMULOUS: jealous.

ENCAVE: to place oneself in a cave.

ENCHAFED:  excited, irritated.

END: conclusion, close; death, destruction.

ENFEOFF: to place in possession in fee simple.

ENGINE: a machine of war.

ENGLUT: to swallow.

ENGROSS: to write out in legal hand; to collect; to monopolize.

ENGROSSMENT: quantity collected.

ENKINDLE: to make keen.

ENLARD:  to fatten.

ENMEW: to shut up, as a hawk is shut up in a mew.

ENSCONCE: to cover as with a fort.

ENSEAMED: fat, rank.

ENSHIELD: hidden.

ENTERTAIN: to keep up; to treat; to occupy (time).

ENTERTAINMENT: way of spending time; reception of guests (treatment of guests).

ENTREATMENTS: interviews.

EPHESIAN: a toper, a cant term.

EQUIPAGE:  attendance.

EREWHILE: a short time since.

ERCLES: Hercules.

ESCOT: to pay a man's reckoning, to maintain.

ESPERANCE: hope, used as a war-cry.

ESPIAL: a scout or spy.

ESTIMATION: conjecture.

ESTRIDGE: ostridge.

ETERNE: eternal.

EVEN: coequal.

EVEN: to equal.

EXAMINE: to question.

EXCREMENT: outgrowth (of hair).

EXECUTOR: an executioner.

EXEMPT: excluded.

EXERCISE: a religious service.

EXHALE: to hale or draw out.

EXHIBITION: allowance, pension.

EXIGENT: death, ending.

EXION: mistakenly used for "action" by Mrs. Quickly in 2KH4 2.1.34.

EXPECT: expectation.

EXPEDIENCE: expedition, undertaking.

EXPEDIENT: expeditious, swift.

EXPIATE: to end.

EXPOSTULATE: to expound, discuss.

EXPOSTURE: exposure.

EXPRESS: to reveal.

EXPULSE: to expel.

EXSUFFICATE: contemptible.

EXTEND: to seize.

EXTENT: a seizure.

EXTERN: outward.

EXTIRP: to root out, extirpate.

EXTRACTING: distracting.

EXTRAUGHT: extracted, descended.

EXTRAVAGANT: foreign, wandering.

EXTREMES: extravagance of conduct.

EYAS: a young hawk taken fromthe nest for training.

EYAS-MUSKET: 'nest-bird', used to mean 'sprightly child'.

EYE: the organ of sight; attributed to the heavenly bodies; sight, a slight shade or tinge.

EYE: (vb.) to appear to the eye.

EYE-WINK, EYE-BEAM: look, glance.

EYE-GLASS: the lens of the eye.

EYESTRINGS: the nerves and tendons of the eyes.