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Shakespeare Glossary: C

CABIN:  temporary shelter; a cave; the den of an animal.

CABIN'D:   to imprison or confine.

CABLE:  scope (a nautical metaphor used in Oth 1.2.17).

CACODEMON:  evil spirit.

CADE:  small barrel or keg (a barrel of herrings in 2kh6 4.2.36).

CADDIS:  worsted tape or binding used for garters.

CADENT:  falling.

CADMUS:  son of Agenor, King of Phoenicia, and the founder of Thebes.

CADUCEUS:  the wand of Mercury, around which two snakes are twined.

CADWALADER:  last king of the Welsh. Known for his feats of valour against the Saxons.

CAESAR:  supreme ruler; emperor.

CAGE (1):  a prison.

CAGE (2):  a wicker-work basket.

CAIN-COLOURED:  red (supposed color of Cain's hair).

CAITIFF:  a wretch (used to express pity).

CALCULATE:   prophesy.

CALIVER:  a hand-gun, lighter than a musket.

CALLET, CALLAT, CALLOT:  a woman of bad character.

CALLING:   appellation; title.

CALM (1):   to becalm.

CALM (2):   confused with "qualm" in 2KH4 3.4.39.

CAMEL:   derrogatory name for an awkward person.

CAMELOT:  the court of King Arthur.

CAN:  to know, be skillful in.

CANAKIN:  small can or drinking vessel.

CANARY (1):   a wine brought from the Canary Islands.

CANARY (2):   lively Spanish dance.

CANARY (3):   mistaken for "quandary" by Mrs. Quickly in Wiv. 2.2.61.

CANCER:  the fourth sign of the zodiac.

CANDIDATUS:  candidate for Roman office, named after the white gown worn by Roman senators.

CANDLE:  a light made of wax and a wick; the stars; the "light" of the human spirit.

CANDLE-CASE:  case to store candles.

CANDLE-HOLDER:  one who lights others while they work.

CANDLE-MINE:  a mass of tallow.

CANDLE-WASTER:  one who wastes candles by studying late into the night.

CANKER:  a worm that destroys leaves; a spreading sore or ulcer.

CANSTICK:  a candlestick.

CANTLE:  a corner piece; part.

CANTON:  a song.

CANVASS:  to deal with severely; to toss.

CANZONET:  a short song.

CAP:  a head-covering; give up for lost; top, chief.

CAPABLE:  able to take in much; sensible; capable of; gifted.

CAP-A-PE:  from head to foot.

CAPER:  the flower of the caper-bush, used for pickling.

CAPET:  Hugh Capet, the first French king of the Capetian dynasty.

CAPITULATE:  propose terms; draw up a contract or agreement.

CAPRICCIO:  caprice.

CAPRICIOUS:  fantastic; whimsical.

CAPTIOUS:  capacious.

CARACK:  a large ship of burden.

CARBONADO:  meat scotched for broiling.

CARD:  playing-card; to mix with something foul.

CAROUSE:  a toast.

CARKANET:  a necklace.

CARL:  a churl.

CASSIBELAN:  King of Britain during Caesar's reign.

CASTILIAN:  a native of Castile; used as a cant term.

CATAIAN:  a native of Cathay; a scoundrel.

CATLING:  catgut.

CAUTEL:  deceit.

CAUTELOUS:  deceitful.

CAVALERO:  a cavalier, gentleman.

CAVIARE:   roe of sturgeon pressed and salted (an acquired taste).

CEASE (1):  cessation.

CEASE (2):   silence.

CENSURE:  judgment.

CENSURE:  to judge, criticise, blame.

CENTURY:   one hundred years or men.

CEREMONY:  an external accessory or a symbol of the state; a portent or omen (used thus in Shk. only).

CERTES:  certainly.

CESS:  rate, reckoning.

CHACE:  a term at tennis.

CHAMBER:  a species of great gun.

CHAMBERER:  an effeminate man.

CHANSON:  a song.

CHARACT:  affected quality.

CHARACTER:  a letter, handwriting.

CHARACTER:  to carve or engrave.

CHARACTERY:  handwriting.

CHARE:  a turn of work.

CHARGE-HOUSE:  a boarding-school.

CHARNECO:  a type of wine.

CHAUDRON:  entrails.

CHEQUIN:  sequin, gold coin of Turkey and Italy.

CHEQUES:  perhaps intended for ethics.

CHEER:  fortune, countenance.

CHERRY-PIT:  a game played with cherrystones.

CHEVERIL:  kid leather.

CHEWIT:  cough.

CHILDING:  pregnant.

CHILL:   'I will'.

CHIRURGEONLY:  like a skilled surgeon.

CHOPINE:  a high shoe with a cork sole, worn in Renaissance Italy and Spain.

CHRISTENDOM:  the state of being a Christian.

CHRISTOM CHILD:   child in its christening garment.

CHUCK:  chick (term of endearment).

CHUFF:  avaricious person.

CINQUE-PACE:  a lively dance.

CIPHER (1):  zero, a mere nothing.

CIPHER (2):  to decipher.

CIRCUMSTANCE:  a condition; the state of affairs.

CITAL:  mention, recite.

CITE:  to call or arouse.

CLACK-DISH:  a beggar's wooden dish.

CLAW:  to seize; to scratch; to flatter or cajole.

CLEPE:  to call.

CLIFF:  clef, the key in music.

CLING:  to starve.

CLINQUANT:  glittering.

CLIP:  to embrace, enclose.

CLOUT:  the mark in the middle of a target.

COAST:  to advance.

COBLOAF:  a big loaf.

COCK (1):  a cockboat.

COCK (2):  a spout to release liquor.

COCK-AND-PIE:  an oath.

COCKLE:  tares or darnel.

COCKNEY:  a cook.

COCK-SHUT-TIME:  the twilight, when cocks and hens go to roost.

COG:  to cheat, dissemble.

COGNIZANCE:  badge, token.

COIGN:  projecting corner stone.

COIL:  tumult, turmoil.

COLLECTION:  drawing a conclusion.

COLLIED:  blackened. Othello; .

COLOUR:  pretence.

COLOURABLE:  specious.

COLT:  to defraud, befool.

CO-MART:  a joint bargain.

COMBINATE:  betrothed.

COMBINE:  to bind.

COMMODITY:  interest, profit.

COMMONTY:  used ludicrously for comedy.

COMPACT:  compacted, composed.

COMPARATIVE:  drawing comparisons.


COMPARE:  comparison.

COMPASSIONATE:  moving comparison.

COMPETITOR:  one who seeks the same thing.

COMPLEMENT:  accomplishment.

COMPLEXION:  passion.

COMPOSE:  to agree.

COMPOSTION:  composition.

COMPTIBLE:  tractable.

COMPTER:  counter.

CON:  to learn by heart.

CONCAVE:  hollow.

CONCEIT:  conception, opinion, fancy.

CONCEPTIOUS:  fruitful.


CONCUPY:  concubine.

CONDITION:  temper, quality.


CONDUCT:  escort.

CONFECT:  to make up into sweetmeats.

CONFOUND:  to consume, destroy.

CONJECT:  conjecture.

CONSANGUINEOUS:  of the same blood.

CONSCIONABLE:  conscientious.

CONSIGN:  to sign a common bond, to confederate.

CONSORT:  company.

CONSORT:  to accompany.

CONSTANCY:  consistency.

CONSTANT:  settled, determined.

CONSTANTLY:  firmly.

CONSTER:  to construe.

CONTEMPTIBLE:  contemptuous.

CONTINENT:  a container; earth; summary or sum.

CONTINUATE:  uninterrupted.

CONTRACTION:  the marriage contract.

CONTRARY:  to oppose.

CONTRIVE:  to conspire.

CONTROL:  to confute.

CONVENT:  to convene, summon.

CONVERT:  to change.

CONVERTITE:  a convert.

CONVEY:  to represent oneself; euphemism for "to steal".

CONVEYANCE:  theft, fraud.

CONVICT:  convicted.

CONVICTED:  overpowered, defeated.

CONVINCE:  to conquer, subdue.

CONVIVE:  to feast together.

CONVOY:  escort.

CONY-CATCH:  to cheat.

CONY-CATCHING:  poaching, pilfering.

COOLING CARD:  used metaphorically for an insurmountable obstacle.

COPATAIN HAT:  a high-crowned hat.

COPE:  to reward, to give in return.

COPESMATE:  companion.

COPY:  theme.

CORAGIO:  courage!

CORAM:  possibly a mistake for "quorum".

CORANTO:  lively dance.

CORINTH:  a cant term for a brothel.

CORINTHIAN:  a wencher.

CORKY:  dry like cork.

CORNUTO:  a cuckold.

COROLLARY:  a surplus.

CORPORAL:  bodily. "Corporals of the field" were army officers who acted as assistants to the sergeant-major.

CORRIVAL:  rival or partner.

COSTARD:  the head.

COSTER-MONGER:  peddling, mercenary.

COTE:  a cottage.

COTE:  to quote, instance.

COTE:  to come alongside, overtake.

COT-QUEAN:  an effeminate man, molly-coddle.

COUCHINGS:  crouchings.

COUNT CONFECT:  a nobleman composed of affectation.

COUNTENANCE:  fair shew.

COUNTERFEIT:  deceitful; portrayed (rare).

COUNTERPOINT:  a counterpane.

COUNTERVAIL:  to equal or counterbalance.

COUNTRY:  traveller.

COUNTY:  count.

COUPLEMENT:  union or coupling.

COURT HOLY-WATER:  flattery.

COVENT:  a convent.

COVER:  to lay the table for dinner.

COWISH:  cowardly.

COWL-STAFF:  the pole on which a basket is supported between two people.

COY (1):  to stroke or caress.

COY (2):  to disdain.

COYSTRIL:  a knave; base fellow.

COZEN:  to cheat.

COZENAGE:  cheating.

COZENER:  a cheater.

COZIER:  a tailor.

CRACK:  to boast.

CRACK:  a loud noise, clap.

CRACKER:  boaster.

CRACK-HEMP:  a gallows-bird.

CRANK:  a winding passage.

CRANKING:  winding.

CRANTS:  garlands. A doubtful word.

CRARE:  a ship of burden.

CRAVEN:  a dunghill cock.

CREATE:  formed, compounded.

CREDENT:  believing; credible.

CREDIT:  report.

CRESCIVE:  increasing.

CRESTLESS:  not entitled to bear arms, lowborn.

CRISP:  curled, winding.

CROSS (1):  a piece of money, coin.

CROSS (2):  passing from side to side.

CROSS (3):  across.

CROSS (4):  to meet, face; to pass.

CROW-KEEPER:  one who keeps crows away from corn-fields.

CROWNER:  a coroner.

CROWNET:  a coronet.

CRY (1):  the yelping of hounds.

CRY (2):  to appeal; to beg.

CRY (3):  public report or rumour.

CRY AIM:  to encourage.

CUISSES:  armour to cover the thighs.

CULLION:  a base fellow.

CUNNING (1):  skill.

CUNNING (2):  bashful.

CUNNING (3):  to be strange.

CURB:  to bend, truckle.

CURRENTS:  occurrences.


CURSTNESS:  shrewishness.

CURTAIL:  a cur.

CURTAL:  a docked horse.

CURTAL-AXE:  a cutlass.

CUSTALORUM:  a ludicrous mistake for Custos Rotulorum.

CUSTARD-COFFIN:  the crust of a custard-pie.

CUSTOMER:  a common woman.

CUT:  to slash; to carve; to preclude (from).

CYPRESS (1):  a kind of crape.

CYPRESS (2):  tree of durable wood (symbol of mourning).

CYTHEREA :  Venus.