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Richard III: Q & A

Was Richard III popular in Shakespeare's day?

Richard III was wildly popular in the late 16th century and Richard Burbage, the most famous actor of the day, amazed and delighted audiences with his stirring interpretation of the outrageous villain.

What is the name of Richard's horse?

Surrey is the name of Richard's horse. In 5.3.69, Richard orders Ratcliff to "Saddle white Surrey for the field to-morrow."

How many quarto editions of Richard III  were printed?

Richard III was published in eight quarto editions, beginning with Q1 in 1597. It is generally assumed that Q1 was produced from the recollections of actors who had performed the play, and although it contains valuable stage directions, it is not the authoritative copy. Neither are any of the subsequent quarto editions, all based on Q1. The version on which most of our modern editions are based is found in the First Folio (1623). The text of Richard III in the First Folio seems to have been derived from a unique source, likely Shakespeare's own copy of the play.

What happens to Richard's brother, Clarence?

Richard's hired assassins decide to drown Clarence in a large cask (butt) of malmsey. When they arrive at the Tower of London to carry out the task, the unsuspecting Clarence asks for a cup of wine. The Second Murderer offers this ghastly retort: "You shall have wine enough, my lord, anon" (1.4.153).

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