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Essays, Articles, and Book Excerpts on Shakespeare's Life and Times

 Shakespeare's Ancestry
 Shakespeare's Parents
 Shakespeare's Birth
 Shakespeare's Siblings

 Shakespeare's Education
 Shakespeare's Lost Years
 Shakespeare's Marriage
 Shakespeare's Children
 Shakespeare as Actor and Playwright

 Shakespeare's Influence
 Shakespeare's Language
 Portraits of Shakespeare
 Shakespeare's Contemporaries
 Quotes About Shakespeare
 Shakespeare and the Gunpowder Plot
 Shakespeare's Death
 Shakespeare's Burial

 Shakespeare Timeline
 Richard Burbage (Actor)
 Edward Alleyn (Actor)
 William Kempe (Actor)
 Shakespeare's Boss

 Shakespeare's Audience
 Shakespeare's Lasting Impact
 Shakespeare's Sexuality
 Worst Diseases in Shakespeare's London
 Daily Life in Shakespeare's London
 Preface to The First Folio
 Publishing in Elizabethan England