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Shakespearean Baby Names

Looking for a beautiful name for your baby daughter? The following is a list of elegant and classic names made popular by the immortal Bard himself. Beside each name is a description of the Shakespearean heroine that just might share her name with your pride and joy. Please click on the name to see a beautiful illustration of the character and a brief biography.

Beatrice - clever, spirited, generous.

Constance - nurturing, motivated, imaginative.

Cordelia - loyal, courageous, shy.

Desdemona - dignified, honourable, devoted.

Helena - strong, focused, humble.

Imogen - chaste, ardent, gorgeous.

Isabella - chaste, religious, astute.

Julia - sociable, impulsive, adventurous.

Juliet - pure, determined, passionate.

Miranda - beautiful, childlike, serene.

Ophelia - tender, delicate, innocent.

Portia - noble, intelligent, brave.

Rosalind - graceful, witty, exuberant.

Silvia - gracious, self-disciplined, funny.

Titania - capricious, fiery, hospitable.

Viola - modest, proud, thoughtful.

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