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As You Like It: Dramatis Personae

Please see Shakespeare's Characters A to Z for a complete pronunciation guide.

Duke Senior, living in exile in the Forest of Arden

Duke Frederick, his brother and usurper of the dukedom

Amiens, Jaques, lords attending on the banished Duke

Le Beau, a courtier attending on Duke Frederick

Charles, wrestler to Duke Frederick

Oliver, Jaque de Boys, Orlando, sons of Sir Rowland de Boys

Adam, Dennis, servants to Oliver

Touchstone, a clown

Sir Oliver Martext, a vicar

Corin, Silvius, shepherds

William, a country fellow in love with Audrey


Rosalind, daughter to the banished Duke

Celia, daughter to Duke Frederick

Phebe, a shepherdess

Audrey, a country wench

Lords, Pages, Foresters, Attendants

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